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My belief is that the core of addiction is characterized not by the use of any one substance or behavior but rather by a pattern of substance use and/or behaviors. When one ceases another, if untreated, will likely take its place.

As such, I approach patients stuggling with addiction by addressing multiple aspects of their daily lives. Our goal will be to find ways to make sense of what led to your inital use or behavior, learn new skills that allow us to get in touch with our bodies bridging the gap between mind/body experience and relearn what enjoying life really means. Additionally, I will work closely with a psychiatrist, psychiatric NP or psychopharmacologist with every patient who comes to me regarding substance use/ addictive behaviors. If you are not currently seeing one of the above named practitioners, I can recommend one with whom I have worked. Multiple studies have shown that the most effective treatment for substance use disorders is a combination of psychodynamic therapy and medication. If rehab is needed, I can direct you to a facility that best meets your needs.