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Country Dirt Road

Lisa Wolf

Hello and welcome, my name is Lisa Wolf. I chose to become a psychotherapist largely as a result of my own life experiences; perhaps, because of this, my patients often report feeling deeply understood in a way they had not expected. I believe you will find I bring a natural warmth, empathic understanding and maturity to our every session.

I hold a Master of Science from Columbia University and Bachelor of Arts from U.C. Berkeley. My experience includes hospital, psychiatric and addiction rehab work in multiple practice settings with a wide range of patients and mental health diagnoses. Trained in the fields of psychotherapy, clinical psychology and psychiatric social work I am guided by my rigorous studies in each of these disciplines and by the findings of interpersonal neurobiology and the neurophysiology of emotions.

Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, the after effects of traumatic experience, addiction, ADHD, OCD, a sense of disconnection from your partner or are grieving the loss of a loved one, I would like to help.

I seek to create a safe, warm and open environment where you will feel comfortable talking about the painful feelings that accompany these problems — sometimes lifelong in duration — particularly feelings and experiences that may have been difficult to reveal, resolve or discuss with others in the past.

I invite you to begin this journey with me. Together, we will strive to find a path toward greater wisdom, open unexplored avenues that allow more joy to enter your life and find healing through a new way of connecting with others.